When Elina met Mary!

I am Elina and I love crafting since I was a kid. In 2004 I started attending a variety of seminars such as leather working, metal sculpture, furniture design and upcycling. Once finished with those in 2009, I also studied jewelry production and design until 2012. Since then I worked on what I truly loved in my city based workshop.

However, I reached a point at which I felt overwhelmed and discouraged. It was then I met Mary who has studied goldsmith and marble sculpture. We made the perfect match as we complement each other really well! I am mainly focused on the design and Mary on production. I come up with ideas and Mary has the patience to put them into action and make them work.

Very recently, we both agreed on taking our bodies, souls and beloved business to a much more inspiring place. This is Tinos, a wonderful Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea. Our jewelry design concepts come from our surrounding and this place is pure inspiration to us!

We are one of the lucky ones who do their dream job in their dream place!

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